The transvaginal mesh products were created to help women who suffer from SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) and POP (Pelvic organ prolapse). The problem is that many of these products have been proven not to be safe or reliable. The implantation of these products is related to serious complications such as infection, erosion of the vaginal tissues and organ perforation. Some cases have also reported to have been left with life damaging issues. Reports of complications came too late for hundreds of thousands of women who already had mesh implanted.

Many women believe that because the transvaginal mesh surgery is simpler and less invasive than other treatments for POP and SUI that it is safe, but in actuality it carries a really high complications.

In 2011, the FDA updated its statement for the transvaginal mesh and warned patients and doctors that it is not safe and that complications following the procedure are common.

Patients need to be informed that the severe complications caused by a transvaginal mesh implantation require surgery to be fixed, mesh erosion and organ perforation. What is even more worrisome is that it is an extremely invasive surgery because the implantation of the mesh was intended to be in the body indefinitely.  Why is this? It is because once the mesh is implanted the person’s blood vessels and tissues grow around the mesh, so doctors have to remove it piece-by-piece through different surgeries.

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