18-Wheeler Truck Accident


Because of their size and weight, large 18-wheelers, (also known as semis, tractor-trailers and trucks) can cause enormous damage when they’re involved in an accident. Many times, lives are lost and severe injuries result from truck rollovers and other types of accidents. If your family has withstood such a tragedy, you deserve to be compensated for any resultant medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

Truck accident suits are often more complex than other motor vehicle accidents. First, they require a thorough knowledge and understanding of federal and state trucking laws and regulations. In addition, sophisticated expert analyses are frequently required to prove fault and damages resulting from a truck crash.

Trust in Our Experience

If you or someone you love has been involved in a Texas 18-wheeler truck accident, you need the resources and experience of our truck accident attorney on your side. In 25 years of practice, our firm’s total settlements have exceeded in the millions and our reputation has spread across the United States.


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