Insurance companies do not want to pay for your personal injuries. Their business model exists to underpay your claims.

Navigating personal injuries can be a nightmare if you’re unsure about what you’re doing.

We pay our premiums in hopes that “we’re in good hands”. In a car accident your adjuster investigates the property damage and aims to pay you a minimum for your claim. They search for loopholes and the ability to down play any damages incurred.

If your car is totaled they use a Kelly Blue Book style evaluation guide to pay you what your car is worth at the time of the accident (unless you obtained GAP insurance).

Injuries can become an even worse ordeal in the claims process. Human lives seem to have diminishing value when dealing with insurance adjusters.

When shopping for the right policy you may have heard additions like personal injury protection, which is a set allowance for injuries. What if your cost for injuries is more than what your policy allows? What if your damages are worth more than your policy limit? These are all questions we need answers for, especially if we aren’t at fault in this accident.

These are the reasons people hire attorneys. Our firm exists to facilitate just compensation for our clients’ injuries and damages. Don’t settle for what your insurance company is trying to give you. Before you file a claim, call our office and let our expert team get you a settlement you deserve.

Our experts specialize in analyzing personal injuries. They have led over 99% of our clients to an above average settlement.