Slip and Fall Accident and Injury


Property owners are responsible for the safety of those who pass through their premises, and to prevent slip and fall accident injury. This means they need to clean up spills, provide well-lit walkways, prevent elevator accident and injury, and put up signs warning of any potential hazard. According to Texas premises liability laws, the property owners may be held liable for any accident and injury caused by unsafe conditions on their premises. A Texas slip and fall accident and injury attorney can build a lawsuit against the property owner and get compensation for injuries resulting from unsafe premises.

Property Owners Also Must Provide Adequate Security

Legally speaking, slip and fall lawsuits come under the broader category of premises liability, which also includes inadequate security lawsuits. Inadequate security refers to the responsibility that property owners have to provide enough security within their facilities to prevent assaults. If you or your loved one has been assaulted in a dangerous building, you can sue the property owner and recover money to pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other costs arising from the assault.


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