About Morcellator

Morcellators are particularly well-suited to remove certain noncancerous growths during alaparoscopic surgical procedure, as these devices can help break down non-cancerous tumors and tissues into smaller pieces. However, if a patient does have cancerous tumors or growths, it can spread this cancerous tissue. As such, the unintended consequences associated with the use of morcellators can be devastating and may include:

Cancer growth, particularly

  • Metastatic leiomyosarcoma
  • Uterine cancer
  • Uterine sarcoma
  • Endometrial stromal sarcoma
  • The abnormal growth of tissue
  • Direct harm to healthy tissue

Morcellators and Manufacturers

• FemRx
Diva Morcellator
• Hologic
• Lumenis Inc.
VersaCut Morcellator
• Ethicon Gynecare
• Ethicon Gynecare
Morcellex Tissue Morcellator

• Ethicon
Morcellex Sigma
• Interlace Medical
Hysteroscopic Morcellator
• Smith & Nephew
Trueclear Hysteroscopic Morcellator
• Olympus
• Olympus
Gyrus PKS PlasmaSORD

• Nouvag
Morcellator TCM3000BL
• Blue Endo
MOREsolution Tissue Morcellator
• LiNA Medical
Xcise Cordless Laparoscopic Morcellator
• Karl Storz
Rotocut G1, G2, Steiner, and Sawalhell Supercut Morcellator
• Richard Wolf
Morce-Power 2306 Electronic Morcellator


FDA approves Morcellators for use in Surgical Procedures
April 2014
FDA warns Against using the device in Uterine and Fibroid Removal Procedures
May 2015
FBI commences investigation into Morcellators and Cancer to find out what the Morcellator Manufacturers knew about the Risk of Cancer with Morcellator use

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