High Risk Medical Devices

About High Risk Medical Devices

Defective Medical Devices

Many people facing chronic or life-threatening medical problems undergo surgery in which medical devices are implanted within their bodies or used externally during a medical procedure. They may recover from the procedure and feel fine, only to experience pain or adverse effects at a later time because the medical device was defective. Others may actually die because the medical device was poorly designed or manufactured, because of doctor error during the procedure, or because of an infection caused by the device.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Bobby Garcia P.C., have experience in helping victims of defective medical devices and their families obtain compensation for their losses and suffering. By succeeding in these efforts, we also may prevent other poorly designed or manufactured products from reaching the market.

Medical and Legal Expertise

Our firm practices extensively in the areas of medical malpractice and product liability. These cases require a comprehensive knowledge of the law, and the ability to understand complex medical and engineering concepts. In researching for and developing a defective medical product lawsuit, we also call upon the expertise of some of the nation’s leading medical and engineering specialists. Our lawyers have the ability to communicate these complex scientific concepts into plain language that juries can understand. This places our client in a strong position to obtain a positive outcome.

Our medical malpractice and product liability practice provides our firm with the experience and knowledge needed to successfully pursue compensation and justice in cases involving all types of defective medical devices.


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