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If you have experienced broken bones while taking Fosamax, you maycase closed be entitled to compensation through a Fosamax lawsuit. Fosamax® is a drug designed to strengthen bones. However, studies indicate that it could cause them to break instead. Recent findings show that some Fosamax users have suffered from broken bones, including the femur bone, the hardest bone in the body.

Researchers have found that women taking Fosamax over extended periods of time are 125 times more likely to suffer a femur fracture from falls than women not taking the drug. Industry insiders agree that these potential side effects have been known for years. In 2008, the FDA contacted Fosamax manufacturer, Merck, about continuous reports linking Fosamax to femur fractures. Sadly, it took 16 months for Merck to add femur fractures to the list of potential side effects included on the drug package insert.

In addition to spontaneous, low trauma-induced femur fractures, Fosamax side effects can also include osteomyelitis, or inflammation of bone marrow, and osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), also known as dead jaw disease. On October 13, 2010, the FDA issued an alert to doctors about the possibility of severs bone pain related to bisphosphonate drugs such as Fosamax. Despite hundreds of Fosamax lawsuits, studies and FDA warnings, Merck continues to sell Fosamax.


The femur is one of the largest and strongest bones in the human body, and in order for it to break it usually requires an enormous amount of force to be inflicted directly onto it.

However, a high number of people who were using Fosamax suddenly suffered what are known as low energy fractures, where the bone was broken with relatively little force.


Osteomyelitis of the jaw is a condition whereby the bone marrow in the area around the jaw fails to heal after what would be considered minor trauma.

Examples of minor trauma would include having a tooth extracted or some other type of dental work. Many patients have needed surgery to remove the dead bone tissue around their faces.

Clearly, people who use a medication to help with their loss of bone density and then suffer side effects that include the failure of bone structure in their bodies are not getting the type of help they need, expect or deserve. If this includes you or someone you love, you need to seek the help of Fosamax side effects lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of consumers for many years. Contact the Law Office of Bobby Garcia P.C., today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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