The thought of undergoing surgery is already a scary thought to begin with. But you put yourself in the greatest of comfort that the surgeons know what they are doing, and that nothing could possibly go wrong. But with more than 80% of hospitals in the United States using the Bair Hugger in their surgeries, it has become an extreme hazard for the patient.

           The Bair Hugger, invented by Dr. Scott D. Augustine, is a medical device that is meant to keep patients warm during surgery. It is a mangement system that uses forced-air to warm the patient to prevent and treat hypothermia while in surgery. It was first created in 1988, but the Hugger is proving to be disastrous. The problem with the Bair Hugger is that while it is transmitting heat, it carries a high risk of contamination. While in surgery, a person has open wounds in which the pressured heat from the blanket can cause an infection. A man in Texas has filed a lawsuit against the manufactures of the Bair Hugger, claiming that the Hugger had picked up germs which then circulated into the device that then recirculated into his hip replacement device during surgery. He has had to return to the hospital on several occasions, and had 15 surgeries which included the removal of his artificial hip.

            Many others have filed claims against the manufactures of the Bair Hugger for causing infection in their hip and knee. A man named Timothy Johnson, from Kansas, filed a claim for the infection of his knee which came from using the Bair Hugger. His leg had to be amputated due to the severity of the infection. The inventor, Dr. Scott D. Augustine, has publicly gone against his own creation saying, “I am very proud of the old technology. But I am also proud to spread the word that there is a problem.” He is no longer a part of the Bair Hugger corporation since he had a dispute with the manufactures over the flaws the Hugger might have.

            Since the manufactures of the Bair Huggers, 3M and Ariant, do not have many lawsuits filed against them, courts cannot form any multidistric litigation or class action lawsuits. But the more people that come forward and speak out against the Bair Hugger, the most likely that courts can decide to form a class actions or multidistrict litigation against 3M and Arizant.

            The law offices of Bobby Garcia here in Texas, are available to anyone that has been afflicted by the usage of the Bair Hugger. Bobby Garcia offers free consultations and won’t stop till your case has been won.